Tommy J. JamesBorn in Evansville, Indiana and raised in Wilmington, North Carolina, Tommy started making jewelry at the age of 17.   He was inspired by his grandfather who was both a watchmaker and jewelry designer for various well known jewelry companies. Growing up near the seacoast, Tommy developed a strong appreciation for the beauty of nature. His love of the ocean shines in his nautical pieces that have been his trademark throught his career. Tommy's main inspiration was to create wearable art inspired by man and nature coming together as one. Armada Hook Bracelet/Admiral/US Patent # D474 423S

With no formal training, Tommy loves to take on challenges that further enhance and expand his skills as a custom jewelry designer. Tommy is constantly creating new designs, some of them are one of a kind and some are limited production pieces. As most artists are inspired by their surroundings, Tommy’s focus is nautical with some contemporary pieces. His new nautical designs have taken a contemporary flair that are as perfect for the beach as they are anywhere in the world. Tommy has been awarded three US Patents and is currently working on his fourth.